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Nymphaea Physis Aromas


Come with me for an aromatic walk

Let us take
a fragrant journey together in the ancient Art of botanical perfume

and indulge ourselves in the true fragrance by approaching the essence of the perfumes with deeper awareness. The sessions are conducted either in person or online.

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Nymphaea Perfumes

A perfume awakens our instincts, strengthens our spirit, seals our identity and expands our imagination.

Our Workshops

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Nymphaea Perfumes

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Nymphaea perfumes is an alternative perfume brand, unlike other fragrances you may have experienced, chemical-free and additive-free, creating a space for wellness around us in any environment.

Nurturing and illuminating replenishing benefits to enhance a blissful fragrant lifestyle.  

Mail us on for any enquiries.

You can only visit perfumery by appointment.

You can book here or call us on 2109681188 to book your appointment.

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