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Aromatic StoriesThe frequency of aromatic plants
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The frequency of aromatic plants

I was very impressed when I first heard a famous perfumer give the following definition:

«a perfume is a musical harmony that you can wear».

This led me into more research until I discovered that the Eastern Washington University has built a calibrated frequency monitor (CFM) to measure the essential oil frequencies and their effect on human frequencies when applied to the body.



Therapeutic grade essential oils start at 52 MHz and reach up to 320 MHz! For example: 320 MHz rose, 181 MHz helichrysum bracteatum, 147 MHz frankincense, 134 MHz ravensara, 118 MHz lavender, 105 MHz myrrh, 105 MHz chamomile, 98 MHz juniper communis, 96 MHz sandalwood, 85 MHz angular, 78 MHz mint. A healthy body, from head to toe, usually vibrates at a frequency between 62-78 MHz, whereas diseases begin at 58 Hz.

Essential Oil Frequency

Rose 320 MHz

Lavender 118 MHz

Myrrh 105 MHz

Blue Chamomile 105 MHz

Juniper 98 MHz

Aloes / Sandalwood 96 MHz

Peppermint 78 MHz

Basil 52 MHz

In a following article, we will talk about practices and ways to use these frequencies of nature in our daily lives.

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