A holistic approach to an art unchanged over the centuries.

The Art of
Botanical Perfumery

Have you thought that your perfume can be your cure?

I invite you to live this fragrant experience together.


I am Zoe and I am a botanical perfumer

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been intrigued by the scents of nature all around me – the herbs, the flowers and the fruits! It was as though I was born to love them!

When I first discovered the world of essential oils many years ago, it felt as if I had found the elixir that could do wonders.

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Botanical Perfumer

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Nymphaea Perfumes

your perfume can become your daily wellness ritual

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my aromatic services.

The only goal in each of them is to be initiated in the true fragrance and to approach with deeper awareness the essence of the perfume and its connection with the essence of our existence.

Signature Scent
discover your aromatic signature
Nymphaea Botanical Perfumes
Aroma Soul Coaching

time to shine and triumph


expand your aromatic knowledge

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Nymphaea Physis Aromas

Your personal perfume

Let’s discover your own aromatic signature

The right perfume for you is a holistic treatment. It leaves a mark of euphoria, warmth and fullness.

It is a string that activates in your frequencies, that you did not know you had. Gives energy and vitality. Your personal journey into the world of aromatic plants.

We will travel to the world of aromatic plants from every part of the planet, choosing those notes that will weave with the best frequencies the invisible energy garment (perfume) that resonates with you.

We will co-create your personalized fragrance using a palette of essential oils and aromatic spirits. The base is jojoba oil or alternatively organic alcohol spray depending on your preference.

Aroma Soul Coaching

We learn to use the scents of nature, essential oils, tinctures, flower remedies in combination with some exercises and techniques that aim to free us from negative patterns and beliefs that hinder our journey.

In these 1: 1 sessions we combine aromatherapy, energy aromatherapy and the neuroscience of our olfactory system and with simple steps, using the power of smell, we gently release mentalities that weaken your system and limit the life created to live!

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Nymphaea Botanical Perfumes

Authentic handmade botanical aromas

A luxurious range of fragrances, made with organic plant extracts and essential oils, which holistically nourish the body, mind and soul.

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